Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good things come to those who wait...

...and wait and wait!! While I know I haven't had a post since July, and I'm truly, truly sorry, I have a beautiful and amazing reason why and some great news to finally share with you! After months and months on end of trying to start our family and the Lord promising me not to worry and that it's all in His timing...We finally received the amazing news this past August...

We're Expecting!!

So, here's the scoop....I'm 16 weeks pregnant and finally into my second trimester...Yaaaay! I have to honestly say though, the first trimester was no fun at all and for a while there left wondering "Why do women do this to themselves more than one time?! Don't get me wrong, while I was excited about this wonderful new little bundle of joy...this new little bundle gave me quite the blahs the entire first three months. With EXTREME all day and night nausea, it became very difficult to to do anything outside of staying in bed and sucking on ice cubes. If I don't see another saltine cracker for the rest of my life I think I'll be so excited!! Believe me, I tried everything to make the nausea go away....saltines, ginger ale, sour candy, preggie pops, Emetrol nausea syrup, peppermints, sea bands....the list goes on and on! If there was a remedy that worked I wanted to try it!

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But on a positive note, I had pregnant women everywhere connecting with me on facebook ready to share their experiences with me! It was great being able to meet and connect with so many other pregnant women and recent mommies, I loved it!

With everything that was going on in the first trimester, it became really hard to accomplish my everyday activities I loved like designing new pieces of jewelry for my business, WhimSea Designs and staying connected to my blog! As hard as it was to step away from everything I realized it was necessary for me to take those first few months to take care of my body and this new little miracle that will someday soon call me "Mommy".

Now that the nausea seems to be gone (for good hopefully) I'm feeling better and looking forward to the "nesting" phase of this soon to be mommyhood world, getting my home ready for this precious little miracle and reconnecting with all my lovely readers! And the best part is, in a couple of weeks I'll know whether this cute little bundle will be adorned in all pink or blue and I can get started on the shopping and nursery design....

Like this one!

OOOOOH, or this one!!

While I'm at it why not create a new look for mommy!
What? It only seems fair, right??

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I'm so excited to finally be able to share the news with you! I look forward to staying connected with everyone throughout this wonderful and amazing journey.

If anyone has any great ideas on where look for great nursery inspriation I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Have a beautiful day, Everyone!


  1. Congratulations!! And I totally feel your pain- I'm 11 weeks now.

  2. You look beautiful ... congratulations! I'm sure his/her nursery will be gorgeous! And, thank again for your so, so sweet comment about my new kitchen shelves and blog. xo

  3. CONGRATS!!!!! Both nurseries are wonderful


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