Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Treasures...

Good Morning, Lovelies!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your morning is off to a lovely beginning. As for me...well let's just say I CAN NOT do two things at one time. You see, I get distracted rather easily! I wanted to update my blog this morning but forgot I had two eggs on the stove boiling (gotta have a little protein for breakfast). Do you know what happens when you forget that you have two eggs boiling on the stove....let's just call it a massive explosion of sorts. UGH, what a mess I have to clean up. I hope that's not a sign of how my day is going to end up {sigh}. So I think I'm going to play it safe today and snuggle in with my cup of tea and enjoy a little blog reading.

I'm starting my day today by visiting Kristen at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. Her blog is one of my absolute faves and I always look forward to reading her posts every day. She's hosting a Tuesday Treasure link party and I'm looking forward to sharing my organization tips on how to display your lovelies....every Jewelry Goddess' Dream!

If you missed that post you can read more about it here...

AND since it's summer, you can never have enough summer salad recipes. So I wanted to share this one with all the lovely readers out there today. After all, it is a party...you can't come empty handed!

Find this delicious recipe here...
Stop by and show Kristen some blog love. Who knows you may meet a new friend or even be inspired by a lovely new blog.

...See you there!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ponies on the beach, I love my backyard...

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a beautiful and relaxing weekend. I spent a good part of my weekend getting my home ready for a friends and family BBQ. As much fun as it is hosting a party it can be really exhausting at the same time. So I decided to take a little break from the party planning and head to one of the local beaches here, literally five minutes from my home. The best part about this beach and the reason it's one of my favorite little places is because on any given day you can bring your little cooler and beach chair and sit on the beach with these lovely beauties....

The blonde is my favorite, isn't she just lovely? Everytime I come to the beach
I look for her. This was a real treat to have her this close to me today.
Usually I spot her frolicking out in the marsh on the drive to the beach...

All the horses here are used to being around people. They wander around on the
streets, the trails, the marsh and if you're lucky they'll even join you on the beach.
They love being down by the water where it's nice and cool.

They are of course wild so you can't pet them or feed them,
you just enjoy them and their beauty from afar...

C'mon, who could ask for more than to have this right in your backyard?
 It was a wonderful way to spend my weekend, I must say.

Thanks for stopping by...Have a beautiful Monday Friends!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Be Inspired - Pinkalicious Thursdays...

It's Thursday ladies....you know what that means! Time to link up with Tasha for her Pinkalicious Thursday Link Party. Her blog is  filled with beautiful new lovelies sure to make you feel like a princess. You can find everything from home accessories and recipes to jewelry and clothes!

You'll even find this li'l face in the crowd...
Say it with me (you know you wanna)

I featured a few of my Fuschia Agate Gemstone Necklaces and Fuschia Czech Glass Earrings I designed for this summer. Whataya think....

To see the necklace you'll have to stop by and check it out for yourself....you'll be glad you did! Who knows, you may meet a new friend in the blogging community that will totally inspire you today.

Thanks for stopping by...have a lovely day everyone!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Now...Maxi Dresses

Okay, so now that I've had a chance to calm down from the OVER-EXCITEMENT and OVER-SPENDING of my latest VS semi-annual sale shopping trip...I can focus on other things I'm loving for summer. Even though I completely blew my summer budget (show of hands ladies, if you feel my pain) and have no money right now to purchase one of these lovely maxi dresses I'm dying over, window shopping is still free! So here's what I'm thinking...

Maxi's are not only super chic and stylish this summer, they hide a multitude of sins (trust me on this one)! Plus they look great on every woman! If you don't already have one in your wardrobe here's a few of my favorites that you may want to add to your summer collection...

O'ma gosh...this is so adorable! I'm gonna have to have this one (regardless)...

or maybe I want this Strapless Ruffled Maxi Dress instead...
What's a girl to do? Hmmm, I guess I'll just have to buy them both {painful sighing}

And as always, my post wouldn't be complete without a few pieces from
yep you guessed it... Anthropologie! Whether it's strapless, halter or
bohemian inspired...they all strike my fancy, really!

I'm loving how soft and flowy this gorgeous cover-up is!
Who says you have to look frumpy at the beach?
It's all about chic coastal styling, ladies!

After a day a the beach, I would love to slip into one of these lovelies! Wouldn't you?

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day everyone!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Undergarment Insanity...

Whoa, the weekend went by way to fast! I hope yours was beautiful and you took a little time to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. As for me, my summer to-do list took over my weekend, ugh! But, I did manage to find a little "me time" for a few hours....

 Can you keep a secret?

I pretty much spent my entire Sunday afternoon in Victoria's Secret. Ladies, I've got three words every woman LOVES to hear....

It's what I like to call the "Oh Yeah, Come to Mama" Sale! You see, these little events only happen twice a year and it's sheer torture waiting for them to arrive!! Wait...before I go further with this story...

I am not responsible for behavior displayed while under the influence of a sale!!

Phew, now that that's out of the way, I have to admit it I was a little crazy in there at times...and confess that I played a large part in the madness and craze of it all! I mean, come on...what's a girl to do? Any time you put that many women in one store with bins full of expensive pretty little things for next to nothing prices...it's every woman for herself! You have to dig your way around to score big. Ladies, you know who you are...you've been here right along with me.

 After I came up for air from the bottomless pit of "undergarments" I was EXTREMELY EXCITED to try on my new lovelies and found quite a few keepers! Of course you can't leave the store without being suckered into the 75% off their fragrances, lotions and bath gels.....sheesh, at this point I know I'm in BIG TROUBLE because I looked up and saw this sign too...

Okay Jamie, step away from the fragrances and pull yourself together!!

Ahhhh, who am I kidding! I'm obsessed with them....so, I found a new summer perfume that was desperately seeking a shopoholic like me to take it home!

...And of course no VS trip is complete without some new lipglosses. I'm a HUGE fan of those too!

(maybe a slight addiction)

 So let's just say that while it was a BIG sale, I did save alot of money but I definately got carried away and spent alot too!

{ridiculously shameful blush}

So, anyway....I'm broke and blew my summer budget on  pretty little things in one afternoon! But in my defense, I did have a blast and should be tied over in the "undergarment" area of my life for quite some time. (Uh huh...at least that's what I tell my self for now....I do realize that that could change at any given moment!)  How'd you spend your weekend? Relaxing....shopping....DIY summer projects? I'd love to hear. 

Thanks for stopping by today....have a beautiful Monday everyone!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Blog Lovin'...

YAAAAY, the weekend is finally here! Time to link up with Amanda at Serenity Now  for some inspirational reading. I love it here...I can find stories, recipes and DIY's (my fave) to get motivated to conquer the world!! (okay well maybe just my own personal domesticated world) But we all gotta start somewhere right? So today I'm sharing my favorite summertime salads recipes at her link up party...

Is your mouth watering yet....

....well whataya waitin' for? Stop by and show her some blog lovin' this weekend.
You'll be glad you did...Pinky Swear!!

Weekend Bloggy Reading
  Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful Saturday, girlfriends! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Outdoor Spaces Perfect for Summer...

 Have you seen some of the outdoor spaces in House Beautiful lately? I'm so inspired to change up my little outdoor hideaway. Here's a few that have truly inspired me to do a little redecorating...

Bright colors are always fun for summer!

A little cottage charm...

Mirrors and art are a great way to bring the indoors
outside for a more intimate feel!

This reminds me of Nantucket. Of course, lime green with
 pops of fuschia always grab my attention too!

My all time favorite little tid bid of inspiration! I would LOVE my whole house
to be designed like this outdoor porch...isn't it just lovely?
Chic entertaining at it's best

A cozy sunroom to snuggle up in with the perfect book! 

I love how cottage inspired chairs and lanterns were used in this space
 to create a softer feel. It's perfect for evening dinners....

Wow, where do I start? Hmmmm, guess I'll just have to jump right in and find out! I'll keep you posted once my new outdoor space is complete. Now, let me just throw a disclaimer out there....as much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a cute shabby chic cottage inspired outdoor space...Hubby would not be so tickled! Somehow having a beer on his back deck while sitting on white ruffles with pink flowers just doesn't excite him....huh, who woulda thought!

Happy Friday My Lovelies! Make it count for a beautiful day, the weekend is just around the corner!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Now... Summer Salads

There's nothing more refreshing in the summer than a nice salad of some sort. I'm IN LOVE OBSESSED with Panera's Fuji Apple Chicken Salad...

...So I decided to whip up one of my own. It turned out delicious by the way, if I do say so myself! But, what kinda friend would I be if I didn't share it?  So, here's my new favorite summertime recipe.


6 cups field greens (such as arugula, radicchio, curly endive, etc.)

1 cup shredded chicken breast

1/3 cup gorgonzola, crumbled

1/4 cup chopped pecans

2 oz. apple chips


2 tbsp. apple juice concentrate

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp. white balsamic vinegar

1 tsp. Dijon mustard

1/4 tsp. garlic powder

1/3 cup olive oil


Toss mixed greens, rotisserie chicken, blue cheese, walnuts and apple chips together in a large salad bowl. Whisk together remaining ingredients and pour over salad. Serve immediately.

Here's a quick throw together summer fruit salad perfect for last minute entertaining:


1/2 cup bottled poppy seed dressing

2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger

2 avocados, thinly sliced

4 cups loosely packed arugula

2 cups halved seedless green grapes

1 mango, julienned

1 cup diced fresh strawberries

1/4 cup thinly sliced green onions

1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro


Whisk together dressing and grated ginger in a large bowl. Cut avocado slices in half crosswise; gently toss with dressing mixture. Add arugula and remaining ingredients; gently toss to coat. Serve immediately.

And finally, my third favorite summer salad has to be this Melon and Mozzerella Salad. I found the recipe in Southern Living Magazine and I've been in love ever since!! I know, it's quite an interesting combination...but it's really yummy on those hot days when you need some light refreshment. C'mon you know you wanna try it....

The picture itself is making my mouth water, geesh!!

Salads are so easy to make, just allow yourself a little prep time like cutting up your ingredients the night before for example. They're also perfect to pack and take in your cooler for a picnic or day at the beach! Have a delicious day everyone!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Link Up with Semi-Wordless Wednesdays...

I love meeting new people, finding new blogs to read and love me some linky parties! Today I'm linking up with Daphne at Flip Flops and Pearls for Semi-Wordless Wednesdays. So here's my photo that says it all...

It's a hidden wine cellar you access from your kitchen...
.Ummmm, yeah....Need I say more?

Okay, now head on over to Flip Flops and Pearls and show Daphne some blog love will ya? While you're there you might be inspired and find some new daily reads!


Sunny Day Stylin'...

Summer is one of my favorite seasons! Cute sandals, pretty pedicures and lots of beautiful sundresses to frolic around in. Here's a few of my favorite looks for summer...

I'm lovin' this starfish ring....it's too cute! Don't you think?

I practically live at the beach so I always have a great swimsuit on hand a stylish coverlet, beach bag stocked and ready (i.e. magazines, lotions, baby powder to remove the sand, bottled water, etc.). I keep a cute pair of sandals in my bag as well because you'll never know when you may need to throw them on for a few last minute errands. Since you're going to the beach you certainly won't need alot of jewelry for this look. Just a simple beach inspired ring works lovely. (although I have seen women decked out to the nines and dripping in gold jewelry at the beach). Not my cup of tea though!

Maxi Dresses are a must and so easy to dress. Pair them up with sandals,
a long pair of earrings and a cute clutch for an easy and breezy look!

Long skirts are in this summer and their everywhere you shop! I was just in Marshall's
 the other day and they had a huge selection to choose from. You can pair your long skirt
up with a feminine scoop neck blouse or a tank top and a belt (my favorite look) for
 and effortless but so chic and feminine look! Don't forget cute sandals, a chic summer
 hat and a nice pair of shades to finish off the look!

Another option for your maxi dress is pairing it up with a lightweight scarf
 instead of a necklace. Don't forget Boho style earrings and those cute sandals you
just bought to show off that pedicure!

This outfit ensemble has to be my fave of them all! The maxi dress and sandals alone are TO DIE FOR!!

It's no secret I'm a HUGE fan of Anthropologie! But I must admit...I'm and even bigger fan of  WhimSea Designs jewelry. All pieces are one of a kind or limited design and they're all handcrafted (with love)  in my home studio. Here's a few of my favorite pieces available for summer...

Turquoise is the perfect statement for Summer, Ladies! What better way to set off your summer style than with a WhimSea Designs one of a kind or limited design piece of jewelry?

The perfect accessory for any outfit...EARRINGS!
A girl can never have too many!! {WINK}

So let's hear it...what are some of your favorite "Go-To" pieces this summer? You know, the ones you just can't live without and you mix and match them with every single accessory in your entire wardrobe to create a whole new look each time. What's your inspirational style this summer?

(Summer outfit layouts are courtesy of Anthropologie)