Friday, July 1, 2011

A Lovely Country Lunch...

I'm always looking for lovely little tucked away places to shop and dine so yesterday I took some time off for myself and had a much needed "Girl's Day Out" with my sister. It's no suprise how much I love the beach and coastal inspiration. I also fall madly in love with anything vintage, cottage style and country living!

We started our day with a lovely little country style lunch. I heard about this great little tucked away fresh market (hidden treasure) the other day, so naturally I decided to see what all the excitement was about.

From the moment you step on to this lovely country style porch
your nestled with tiny little tokens of country lovin'.

Every little detail is so comforting and inviting like the country dining room you'll find inside. Small and charming, quaint and makes you feel right at home, don't you think?

Orders are taken in the this little room tucked in just off the porch when you walk in. There's a delicious assortment of pastries like homemade chocolate chip and shortbread cookies, homemade brownies (like the butterfinger blondie) and homemade cakes. There's even fresh homemade breads like oatmeal and sweet potato biscuits too. I was in heaven let me tell you!! You can even take home larger orders for sharing with the family. Yeah, I tried to to that with the sweet potato biscuits (which are TO DIE FOR by the way) they didn't make it very far though, I ate 4 on the way home, shhhh!

The sandwiches and salads are so amazing! This is just a sample of what they offer...

Mixed greens with nectarines, golden raisins, pistachios, blue cheese crumbles and grilled chicken breast topped off with their homemade honey pelican dressing! With every sandwich or salad you get the choice of freshly made bread or seedless grapes. They even slide on a single homemade shortbread cookie for a sweet little something to enjoy after your lunch.

I'm telling you, you detail is overlooked when you eat at this lovely little market! As amazing as my salad was I was excited  DYING to get through my lunch so I could walk around more.

The little rooms just get even more lovely with every turn. O'ma Goodness...hold me back! Not only is the market decorated so nicely (yep, even the ladies room looks like you stepped into someone's country cottage home)...all the items are for sale!  Lunch and cottage shopping all in the same place. Surely I've died and gone to heaven....I'm just sure of it at this point!!

One of my favorite little touches about The Acorn Market is the huge country pie cupboard the sits just outside the door. Inside is full on handcrafted items for sale as well as some of the most amazing cookbooks you could ever lay your eyes on. The best thing about can check out (just like a library) one of the cookbooks to take home and try out a few country recipes for yourself. How lovely is that?

Alright, so this post wouldn't be complete without sharing a few of their favorite homemade recipes with you I found on their blog! If you have a country sweet tooth, you'll love these...

So there you have it...some sweet little recipes for my sweet little friends! Try one out this weekend if you're headed to a Fourth of July get together. Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely friday!

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