Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From Guest Room to Nursery ~ It's Renovation Time...

Well, the countdown has begun. Only seven more weeks until little "Labybug" arrives. I can hardly wait to see her precious little face. In the meantime, I've been nesting away!! {Boy, have I ever}

Hubby and I decided we were going to use the spare bedroom downstairs for her nursery instead of one of the two spare bedrooms upstairs. Just seems more logical to have her room down here next to ours, don'tcha think? This way, when we decided to have our second child he/she can just take over the nursery downstairs and we can work on creating a little girls room upstairs for "Ladybug" once she's a little older.

So, here's a little sneek peek into the progess we've made on the nuresery so far....


I must say I was never really crazy about this room to begin with but didn't want to put any money into making it over because we knew we would be using it for a nursery one day. So until then the room became a "catch all" for miscellaneous furntire we had left over when we moved into the house.


Okay, now that those images are burned into your minds...

let's get to the good stuff shall we?

The carpet was the first thing to go! Hardwood flooring just makes
everything look so much better!!

Time to address that awful and bland wall color...UGH!

But before we could paint, hubby had to install the chair railing. We decided to go for the double chair railings, to add more character. I love the way it turned out!
 Hubby did a great job, I must say.

What a difference chair railing makes...
It really adds a little definition to the space don'tcha think?

Now, on to the wall color! We decided to go with a different color for her nursery other than the traditional pink. I figured that since we were having a girl, there would ALOT of pink already with her accessories and wall hangings. I wanted something for all that pink to contrast against so...


It's actually a soft silvery blue called "River Rock" from Behr.

After we chose the wall color I came across this gorgeous rug I found online at Layla Grace. It was the perfect little touch and a great color scheme to work off of. So now I have my full color palette for her nursery. The room renovation is finished, and it's on to furniture...YAY!!

I'm so excited to get started decorating!!  Some of the furniture has already arrived,
 it's just trying to figure out now where everything's gonna go. I'll keep ya posted...

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  1. I love the blue! Can't wait to see the finished room!!


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