Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Autumn decorating with lanterns...

You see them everywhere! In stores, magazines and even on your neighbors front door step. I get excited every time I open my Pottery Barn magazine so I can immediately look for great decorating ideas and inspiration.

outdoor lantern 530x477 Steel Lantern Garden, Harmony of Nature

steel lantern 530x477 Steel Lantern Garden, Harmony of Nature

Nearly every season, you'll see lanterns pop up in all their home decor shots. Well, if you're budget's like LOVE the look but NEED to recreate it on a more budget friendly scale. Thanksgiving is nearly here and I'm not ready to give up the fall decorating just yet. I don't usually decorate for Christmas until Black Friday. So here are a few last minute decorating ideas I'm throwing up around my house to welcome my Thanksgiving company this week!

These lanterns can be picked up at Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond. Just fill with candy corn, beans, nuts and candles and you're ready to welcome in your Thanksgiving company.

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Lanterns for Home Decor

Place a few by the entrance to your home or backyard. Wrap a few stick pumpkins with white lights and you have a quick, easy and very inviting space.

This is quite the amazing look! If you're the over achiever when it comes to decorating....this one's for you! Pull out that wheel barrow from the shed and an extra side table from inside the house. Place a few bales of hay or straw out along with some pumpkins, fill the lanterns, add candles and oh, don't forget the over sized wreath for the front door. I have to admit.... I am absolutely in love with this look, I think I might even save it in my home decor file and pull it out for next year's front porch design!

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Jax Wall-Mount Pillar Lantern

Lanterns can be filled with nearly anything you can think of....leaves, nuts, fruit...the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a one of a kind look for your home!

And if you'll be entertaining at your house this Thanksgiving, you'll want to welcome those guest in style by fully decking out your dining room and table!

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Whether it's Halloween or Thanksgiving, you'll find a million uses for your lanterns this autumn season.
Have fun decorating and have a wonderful Thanksgiving week everyone!!

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  1. Great images..... I just wish it would cool off some around here cause it still feels like SUMMER!!! I am wearing shorts & flip flops:)

    I hope you have a safe & blessed Thanksgiving-


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