Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumn mantels for any budget...

One of my absolute favorite parts of the holidays is decorating! I have ALWAYS dreamed of having a fireplace in my home. This year I finally have one so I was so excited when I came across these gorgeous ideas on how to decorate mine. Now, you don't need a fireplace in order to have a mantel to decorate. Even if you don't have a fireplace...there are some fabulous ideas on how to set up a mantel and create a faux fireplace in your favorite little spot in the house...

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Here's the pefect example...many salvage or antique stores have fireplace mantels you can purchase seperately. They've all come from previously owned homes and have many stories to tell. Create a faux fireplace in your home by mounting the mantel to the wall and cozying up a few chairs in front to create the perfect ambiance. I've even seen large groupings of candles and candlesticks set in front to create that intimate fire glow.

The top of an upcycled vintage mantel looks great mounted on a wall with a few reclaimed shutters, some fall leaves scattered in vases and a few votive candles to create the perfect touch.

Hang a mirror with a wreath overtop and finish the looks off with a few pumpkins and gourds displayed in lovely little serving dishes. So simple and easy!!

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 Large or small, mirrors create the illusion of more space by reflecting light and other images in the room. Whether it's one mirror or a few mirrors, this is a great way to add dimension.

Upcycled finds like doors, shutters, grates and frames always look great when paired up together with your favorite fall pumpkins, gourds and garlands.

Living by the sea is such a beautiful incorporate those elements in your fall decor by scattering around a few seashells, sand dollars or starfish.

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Layering pictures, art frames and mirrors are a perfect way to create depth!

A cluster of three natural wreaths add beautiful symmetry to this mantel.

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Adding a few strands of white lights to your mantel decor is the perfect addtion to create
a dramatic but inviting look. 

So whether you have a fireplace or just a mantel, these gorgeous looks for fall will certainly create an inviting space for your guests and family to gather around all season long.

Thanks for stopping by...Have a beautiful day, Everyone!

All images courtesy of Pinterest.


  1. Pretty mantles!
    I am ready to take down my Turkey Day mantle stuff and throw up the garland:) LOL

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I put a bunch of these on Pinterest for future reference- I don't have a fireplace now, which was the main drawback to our house. Can't wait until I have a mantle to decorate!!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures Jamie.


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