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Decorating your home for fall...

Fall is definately here...between the fresh crisp cooler temperatures and the cinnamon clove smells that fill the air one of my favorite things to do this season is decorate my home!  For me, filling it with "all things autumn"  really sets the mood for the holidays...Who's with me on this one? Here are a few ideas that helped me out this fall when it came to getting my home ready for the autumn and thanksgiving season...

Instead of a traditional wreath, hang a fall foliage mirror from your front door. This look can be easily recreated by taking a small mirror and hot glueing a few fall foligae "picks" to the top. Secure ribbon from the back and hang! How beautiful is that? 

Candlesticks, wooden and straw pumpkins and some strands of straw (you can find small bales of it at your local store) scattered throughout add a simple but elegant look to you home with this display.

White Pumpkin Candle

Pumpkin candles instead of traditional pillar cnadles add autumn personality!

Set Of 2 Dessert Pedestals With Domes

Display your fall items in cute little glass containers like these! You can find them for next to nothing at Marshall's, HomeGoods, TJMaxx or even Hobby Lobby.

If you have an outdoorsman in your family, you probably have a pair of antlers lying around somewhere....crazy, but so true! This look comes from Pottery Barn but can easily be recreated on a wallet friendly budget!

I love the color of autumn flowers! Instead of hanging your wreaths just on the front door, you can also hang them around the house on chairs, headboards and even door knobs.

Who doesn't have a small stash of unused vases and pottery lying around? Okay, for some of us there's alot of that lying around your house...let's be honest! Don't worry, I'm a self-proclaimed home accent hoarder too! Your secret is safe with me!! {wink} Put that stash to good use by filling them up with straw, hay, pumpkins and gourds.

Pinned Image

I love this autumn vignette created on top of a white country sideboard! Stunning!!


Fall mantels....simple and easy! Pick up some fall garland at your local craft store (you should be able to get great deals now since they're starting to put out all there christmas decorations). Shopping tip: buy a little extra if you find a great can always stock up for next year!

Get more for your money when it comes to decorating! Instead of fresh fruit...use wooden or faux fruit in your displays. It doesn't attract those pesky fruit flies and you can use them year after year! You can find wooden or faux fruit at any craft super store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I even saw some at Walmart yesterday!

Pinned Image

A simple yet elegant way to add a little fall ambiance to your home is by using glass jars, pillar candles and nuts (used as jar fillers). Scatter a few branches, leaves or moss around your display and you're done! It's that quick and easy...and looks really chic I might add!!

Alternate View

More great ideas for jars, vases and jar fillers. The possibilities are endless!

Voluminous Canisters

Alternate View

Mmmm, who doesn't love the smell of a nice autumn scented candle burning? Honestly, being a frugal shopper, I've tried the inexpensive scented candles and they just don't do the trick. This time you might have to splurge a little! The best candles, in my opinion, are Slatkin and Co. You can find these at Bath and Body Works for around $20 each. Don't worry, now through Christmas they always run sales on them and you can get them 2 for $30. They last quite some time too! Well worth the money spent.

Create a cozy and inviting seating arrangement in your living, family or sitting room. Add a few autumn colored pillows for instant impact. Pillows are one of the easiest ways to change the look of your space from season to season without spending alot of money!

Layer or drape a few throws on a chair or two in the room,
so guests can cozy up and relax.

Don't forget the bedroom! Continue the fall ambiance into the bedroom with a splash of autumn colors in your bedding, pillows and decorative accents. This picture shows just the right amount of autumn "oomph",
I like to call it. No need to go overboard in this room.
You still want it to be a calm and relaxing space to enjoy the end of your evening in.

View in Room

The dining room is a great way to layer those fall accessories! You can use small plates, bowls, candlesticks and even pitchers to display your pumpkins....huh, who knew!

Layer your table setting with chargers, plates and these great little ceramic soup pumkins and gourds! Add a lantern or two and a few tea lights and you're ready to entertain!!

I love the look of this country cottage dining area! Don't be afraid to mix white wood furniture with natural wood furniture. I've done so in just about every room in my home. (You'll be able to see more of my own home personal style in upcoming posts...stay tuned!)

Pillows and throws aren't just for indoor decorating any more. They add a warm and welcoming touch to any chair or bench you may have by your front door or on your back porch!

Use white lights in your outdoor autumn scapes. They're not just for Christmas! I love the look of the pumpkin, instead of flowers, resting in the urns....clever idea!!

Fill copper or metal tubs up with pumkins, pinecones, sticks, hay, straw and whatever else you can get your hands on for the front porch display!

Pinned Image

Mums are always a classic fave!!

Add some garland and more white lights over the doorway for a dramatic welcome your guest will love! Plus it looks SO GOOD lit up at night!!

This has to be, hands down, one of my favorite Pottery Barn looks. I love the use of a wheelbarrow along with extra bales of hay, side tables and lanterns! You better believe I'm saving this look for my front porch next year!!

Welcome To The Nut House Indoor Sign

I couldn't pass up! Add some character and personality to your home with quirky little signs like this one. You can hang it outside, just outside the front door or inside above one of your favorite autumn displays. How cute is that?

Ahhh, the much neglected mailbox! For the overachiever in home decorating...there's always options to add to some autumn flair to the mailbox! Just think about how special your mail carrier will feel! {wink}

Well, there you have inspiration for fall home decorating. I hope you found some great it's time for me to take a few of these ideas and get to work decorating my own home. I'll share some personal home photos of my autumn decor next week! What's your favorite room to decorate for fall and why?

(All images are via  House Beautiful, Pottery Barn, and Country Door and Pinterest)


  1. I love the fall mantels! Probably b/c I don't have a fireplace, so I'm wanting what I can't have. I'm lacking on the autumn decor, so these are great ideas!

  2. such lovely fall decor..fall is my favorite season,and I absoulutely love doing up my house,too!


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