Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Hairstylin'...

Good Morning, Lovelies! Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. It was a gorgeous one here at the beach, it was also a really hot one... so needless to say I spent most of my weekend with sunbeams on my face and my toes in the sand. With summer just around the corner and temperatures getting warmer I thought I'd share a few of my favorite summertime hairstyles with you.

What better way to dress up a bouncy blowout than this easy look?
Just take a small section of hair from your part and twist it back away from your face.
 If you have time, add a few curls with a curling iron to really add that va-va-voom factor.

Backcomb the crown just a touch, pull hair back into a twist, and let long bangs
 drape wantonly. Here's another version of this light and fresh tousled pull back...

Backcomb at the roots just enough for volume and hold.
 Fasten it up and pull a few strands out to frame the face.

Tie off your plait with a thin elastic that matches your hair color,
that way the attention stays on the style, not on a clunky rubber band. 
Allow a single tendril to slip out on the opposite side of the braid.
 The spiral adds a playful balance!

If you'd like a more playful, relaxed look try this version of the side braid instead.
Use a product like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to acheive this "next day hair" style.
Texturizing Spray also adds extra bulk and thickness,
without the powdery residue of dry shampoo.
Spritz texturizer onto your hair before pulling it into a messy bun and adding
a loose twist at the hairline. Don't over-think the style...the more imperfections,
the better! Let a few of the pieces fall out and frame the face.

 A simply gorgeous and easy look with style and class....

Sometimes just a few turns of the curling iron is enough to perk up a limp style.
 A lively blowout, diagonal part, and a slight wave around the face.

STYLE TIP: Try using a salt spray (like the one below) in wet hair
 and let it dry naturally. This will give you fresh lookin'
day at the beach  hair. Gorgeous!!

Of couse, if all else fails and you just don't have the time to spend on your lovely locks
do what I do, throw on a super cute floppy sun hat and viola...
you're ready for your close-up! {MUAH}

This Juicy Couture Floppy Straw Hat has to be one of my new faves for summer!!

So there they are, my summer picks. They're light, fresh and super cute...oh, and so easy to pull off!  Whataya think...Which summer hairstyle best suits you this summer? 

(All photos in this post were courtesy of InStyle).

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