Monday, June 6, 2011

Organize your Lovelies - A Jewelry Goddess' Dream!

Okay so I'm a little bit of a jewelry snob I admit it! I LOVE me some jewelry. I have so much of it I need creative ways to store it. Let's face it...if you stuff it all in a jewelry box, most of the time you'll forget all the beautiful pieces you have. Why not display them in a way that's exciting and beautiful! You don't have to spend a fortune in display items either. You can usually find lovely little glass and vintage items at flea markets and antique stores, even Marshall's or Homegoods has great little finds. When it comes to jewelry, it doesn't matter what it is...vintage and classic, modern and new or plastic and whimsical I have it all in my collection! From high end blingy to everyday fabulous finds at Target...I'm Obsessed!! My obsession became so great I decided I had to create my own line of jewelry, WhimSea Designs to help share my addiction with the world. My favorite thing in the entire world is to hunt for really unique inexpensive jewelry, take it apart and upcycle the pieces, mix them with strands of semi-precious gemstones to create new one of a kind looks! Here's one of my favorite pieces that I've designed:

This limited design look was designed with three strands of natural sea coral beads
 and accented with a large faux turquise flower focal. (the flower was a boutique find....
it had a previous life as a statement ring! I removed the ring base and
 attached the flower focal to the strands of sea coral)

So with lovely bold pieces like this, how do even begin to display all your pieces of jewelry? Here's a few ideas I found to be really helpful.
Blue Bird Heaven is this great little Etsy online boutique that sells fabulous
jewelry displays. DESIGN TIP: Purchase two or three, hang them together to create
 a collage in your bathroom or walk-in closet!
It's like having your own personal artwork on display!

Hang your necklaces from a mannequin or jersey form. You can find some really
cute ones at  Corset Laced Mannequin, an Etsy online boutique. Drap your favorite piece
 of clothing from it to create a more personal touch!

One of my favorite ways of displaying my lovelies is using vintage plates and cups.
Check out this wonderful how-to from Blackbirds and Bumblebees on designing
 your own one of a kind display!

This is a great blog about inspired living on a budget!
This photo actually comes from her closet redesign. Head over there and
show her some Blog Luvin'...She's absolutely amazing!!

These wall displays are so chic and the best part is she even shares her own
 how-to tutorial on creating the same look for your space.

Head over there and show her some Blog Luvin'. She has the cutest little blog and her and I definately share the same life mantras regarding jewelry! Ehem....

"Pretty things should be shown off.

Ordinary things should be stored in pretty things.

You’ll use things more if you can see them.

Home organization should not cost a fortune!"

With that in mind you'll be well on your way to have chic new ways of displaying your jewelry lovelies! If you have any chic ways of how you display your jewelry, please share. I'm always looking for new stylish fashionistas to adore!

Have a wonderful day!!

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