Monday, June 20, 2011

Undergarment Insanity...

Whoa, the weekend went by way to fast! I hope yours was beautiful and you took a little time to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. As for me, my summer to-do list took over my weekend, ugh! But, I did manage to find a little "me time" for a few hours....

 Can you keep a secret?

I pretty much spent my entire Sunday afternoon in Victoria's Secret. Ladies, I've got three words every woman LOVES to hear....

It's what I like to call the "Oh Yeah, Come to Mama" Sale! You see, these little events only happen twice a year and it's sheer torture waiting for them to arrive!! Wait...before I go further with this story...

I am not responsible for behavior displayed while under the influence of a sale!!

Phew, now that that's out of the way, I have to admit it I was a little crazy in there at times...and confess that I played a large part in the madness and craze of it all! I mean, come on...what's a girl to do? Any time you put that many women in one store with bins full of expensive pretty little things for next to nothing's every woman for herself! You have to dig your way around to score big. Ladies, you know who you've been here right along with me.

 After I came up for air from the bottomless pit of "undergarments" I was EXTREMELY EXCITED to try on my new lovelies and found quite a few keepers! Of course you can't leave the store without being suckered into the 75% off their fragrances, lotions and bath gels.....sheesh, at this point I know I'm in BIG TROUBLE because I looked up and saw this sign too...

Okay Jamie, step away from the fragrances and pull yourself together!!

Ahhhh, who am I kidding! I'm obsessed with, I found a new summer perfume that was desperately seeking a shopoholic like me to take it home!

...And of course no VS trip is complete without some new lipglosses. I'm a HUGE fan of those too!

(maybe a slight addiction)

 So let's just say that while it was a BIG sale, I did save alot of money but I definately got carried away and spent alot too!

{ridiculously shameful blush}

So, anyway....I'm broke and blew my summer budget on  pretty little things in one afternoon! But in my defense, I did have a blast and should be tied over in the "undergarment" area of my life for quite some time. (Uh least that's what I tell my self for now....I do realize that that could change at any given moment!)  How'd you spend your weekend? summer projects? I'd love to hear. 

Thanks for stopping by today....have a beautiful Monday everyone!


  1. Hahaahaha, I just died!! Having pretty undergarments always makes me feel a little more confident--a secret confidence, haha!

  2. Ha! I was lazy and shopped online this year. Though I found a reward card I forgot I had. So I might have to head to the store


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