Friday, June 17, 2011

Outdoor Spaces Perfect for Summer...

 Have you seen some of the outdoor spaces in House Beautiful lately? I'm so inspired to change up my little outdoor hideaway. Here's a few that have truly inspired me to do a little redecorating...

Bright colors are always fun for summer!

A little cottage charm...

Mirrors and art are a great way to bring the indoors
outside for a more intimate feel!

This reminds me of Nantucket. Of course, lime green with
 pops of fuschia always grab my attention too!

My all time favorite little tid bid of inspiration! I would LOVE my whole house
to be designed like this outdoor porch...isn't it just lovely?
Chic entertaining at it's best

A cozy sunroom to snuggle up in with the perfect book! 

I love how cottage inspired chairs and lanterns were used in this space
 to create a softer feel. It's perfect for evening dinners....

Wow, where do I start? Hmmmm, guess I'll just have to jump right in and find out! I'll keep you posted once my new outdoor space is complete. Now, let me just throw a disclaimer out much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a cute shabby chic cottage inspired outdoor space...Hubby would not be so tickled! Somehow having a beer on his back deck while sitting on white ruffles with pink flowers just doesn't excite him....huh, who woulda thought!

Happy Friday My Lovelies! Make it count for a beautiful day, the weekend is just around the corner!!


  1. Loving these outdoor spaces but they sort of make me depressed about my mud pile :)

  2. I love House Beautiful! That outdoor sunroom with the chandelier is my favorite!


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