Monday, June 27, 2011

Ponies on the beach, I love my backyard...

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a beautiful and relaxing weekend. I spent a good part of my weekend getting my home ready for a friends and family BBQ. As much fun as it is hosting a party it can be really exhausting at the same time. So I decided to take a little break from the party planning and head to one of the local beaches here, literally five minutes from my home. The best part about this beach and the reason it's one of my favorite little places is because on any given day you can bring your little cooler and beach chair and sit on the beach with these lovely beauties....

The blonde is my favorite, isn't she just lovely? Everytime I come to the beach
I look for her. This was a real treat to have her this close to me today.
Usually I spot her frolicking out in the marsh on the drive to the beach...

All the horses here are used to being around people. They wander around on the
streets, the trails, the marsh and if you're lucky they'll even join you on the beach.
They love being down by the water where it's nice and cool.

They are of course wild so you can't pet them or feed them,
you just enjoy them and their beauty from afar...

C'mon, who could ask for more than to have this right in your backyard?
 It was a wonderful way to spend my weekend, I must say.

Thanks for stopping by...Have a beautiful Monday Friends!


  1. There isn't anything more beautiful than seeing wild horses playing on the beach, is there?! Isn't it wonderful living near the ocean?! I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  2. I feel as though you stepped right into my imagination and photographed my happy place. You're wonderfully lucky!

  3. What a beautiful site. that would destress me too.


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